With the collaboration of local health care providers, we have come up with an outstanding opportunities for volunteers to operate side by aside with locals in healthcare centres either through hospitals, clinics, serving less income or poor communities. HAACF placements provide an remarkable knowledge opportunity for those connected to health related fields.

We also help in donating of medical equipment or tools to clinics, hospitals in our communities

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers are placed in local hospitals, small clinics in a location where people or the communities go to have check ups.

You’ll be working side by side with medical physicians and nurses.

Fields of Volunteering


You’ll have a chance to choose from variety of optical placements to examine and attend to. This section assist patients with prescribed frame and lenses. You’ll be working in assisting doctors and nurses in department of your choice.


Here you ‘will be working side by side with doctors and nurses. Ghana like many of developing countries lacks good dental hygiene .


Our placement help volunteers to gain a first class knowledge, you will be running day to day activity in the hospital. You are about to choose from various department in the hospital.