About Your HAACF

Hope Alive Africa Care is a product of a registered non profit organization operating in Assin Foso in the Central Region of Ghana caring for poor and vulnerable children through Education, Sports, Health care, Agriculture, Youth, Women Employment Empowerment.

HAACF is more than non profit — we are a strong and passionate family, united withinside the notion that nobody need to stand alone.  Many of our teams came to us apply for our services as beneficiaries.  HAACF apprehends that resilience – the desire to survive – is an terrific force.  A experience of belonging and compassion can nurture even the most destitute and fragile human beings to not simply survive, however to thrive in life. We welcome all with an open heart and without prejudice.

Our Vision

Working together with other like minded organizations and communities to provide a platform to promotes awarenesses to help the most vulnerable, abandoned children, children from single parent households and the disabled toward bringing  togetherness.


Aim and Objectives

To make sure that students and communities we operate are the primary beneficiaries to our work through education, health, and so forth.