Hope Alive Africa Care Foundation HAACF works in partnership with the Ghana Education Service, Department of social warfare to study and locate schools, children or communities that would benefit from having the best education.

After we have evaluated we provide what is needed like school supplies donated to us, and giving out scholarships. We also organize educational programs such as tutoring, at the schools where our volunteers are placed.

Our Programs

HAACF Dream4life

One of Hope Alive Africa Care Foundation’s ways of bringing awareness to and support crucial for students in developing opportunities for themselves,by staying far away from wrongful activities and imparting for his or her families. HAACF Dream4Life offers students and non students with the answers to their biggest problems and assist them throughout their schooling as a way to turn out to be real change in their communities and in the world.

During era with Covid-19 impacting heavily in poorer areas of Ghana, the most valuable and abounded children, children of single parent households, disabled children are the most affected and that is when HAACF steps in to provide assistance to these children in the communities we operate by providing School sets (Bag, copy books, pens, uniforms, shoes, personal hygiene products and facemasks).

Besides HAACF function as supporter for students, schools and communities we also examine the vital talents and abilities for children to grow to be leaders and role models of their communities so we also assist by paying of school fees for 50 selected most vulnerable children of all denominations in 9 different private schools.

We also organize spelling bee, maths and science quizzes competitions for basic, elementary / high school.


HAACF Dance4life

Hope Alive Africa Care Foundation Dance4life HAACF Dance4life program is organized to schools in various communities through the power of music, dance to talk about issues about education, health care, hygiene, and so on.

We believe that with music and dance, sends a strong message a young people. What other way to deliver message to them about hygiene products, sexual transmitted diseases, HIV, clean environment and many others than through music.

A platform were young students are able to see, to envision and make better choices in life.

HAACF Slum Arts

We emphasis on giving artistic education to children from underprivileged areas with a purpose to gain skills helping them to go out of poverty.

In Ghana many less privileged children battles with quality education reasons behind it beyond their control, like lack of money to pay for better education, reading/ studying difficulties among other things and that is why art can be a change for some.

We came up with ways to help those children remote areas to gain knowledge through drawing, sketching, photography, and also scribbling.

After HAACF successful training students are allowed to join a competition to look for the best artist who are then given scholarships and school stationary or supplies.

HAACF, we guide the children and occasionally organize meeting with mentors anyone will to share their stories through art.


HAACF Sports4life

We organized sport activities for student and the Communities. Sporting activities like football, basket ball, valley ball and many others usually played in tournaments for a cause, by engaging children in school.

After successful HAACF trainings we, gives outstanding performances scholarships to attend to any of the 9 selected Private schools.

Our Impacts

2014 - 2022


of funds go towards health & education

180 students sponsored


School  Built